How to Grow Your Contact Centre Business

Everything is turning back to normal after a tumultuous couple of years. Although the contact centre industry in many regards, have been less severely impacted, it is now the opportunity to look at how to ignite growth and at the same time improve retention within your contact centre business.

Here are three tips to help you retain customers and grow your business:

Employ the right agents for your business

Your employees can make or break your company’s reputation. That’s why it’s important to assemble a group of competent and qualified call centre agents who have a wealth of experience not only from a contact centre perspective, but also within the industry that your business operates in. Then, make sure that their product knowledge is sound and that they have a good comprehension of their responsibilities.

Bring in team leaders who are energetic and optimistic and improve the culture within your business. And, show your appreciation for top performers at company events, through bonus perks, or even a simple burger day on Fridays.

These actions should assist in helping you decrease staff turnover, a problem that many contact centres face.

Expand your offering

Look towards diversification. Now is the time to drive new revenue streams. At 1Life we offer contact centre businesses the opportunity to enter the insurance industry. We offer a solution, where we allow sales of up to R500 000 life cover with no medical or HIV test required; with a R50 000 pay now funeral benefit to your customers. Alternatively, you can sell up to R30 000 standalone funeral cover.

We provide you with the product, after sales servicing and access via a web-based application link, with no system integration required. Easy and simple.

You can earn commission based on premiums received and you are protected against commission risk, once the first premium is successfully received. If you want to learn more, simply contact Cherene Cilliers or read more here.

Provide multiple contact points

We live in a digital age, where in order to truly achieve optimal customer service, you must be prepared to deliver excellent service across numerous diverse platforms. Don’t limit your customer service team to voice touchpoints only. Extend your support across email, social media, live chat, and even whattsapp. These days there are a number of software solutions available that can help you achieve this. Here are a few considerations.

  1. LiveAgent can help you handle all your customer inquiries from one interface.
  2. Novomind’s iAgent provides multichannel communication, via voice, whattsapp or chatbots.
  3. Newfies-Dialer gives you access to voice and sms.

The bottom-line is don’t hesitate, be bold and find opportunities that work for your business. 

1Life is a licensed Life Insurer & FSP. Ts & Cs Online