Membership Benefits

Why join the CCMG?

An integral part of managing your professional career is staying on top of industry news and trends, as well as networking with industry peers. Build on your professional success by becoming a member of an exclusive, dynamic community of contact centre professionals who share a common interest in advancing their careers and leading their organisations to higher levels of service. CCMG membership provides the opportunity to excel professionally, have access to continuous learning and to network with peers to share successes and learnings.

The CCMG provides a platform where contact centre professionals can network and interact with national and international industry peers and experts.

Expert advice

By becoming a member of the CCMG you are joining the ranks of individuals who are committed to advancing their knowledge of the contact centre industry, and empowering themselves to enhance their business and careers. Membership of the CCMG provides an unparalleled opportunity to be stimulated and inspired by a wide range of initiatives and innovations, as well as a chance to meet and network with leading specialists and experts in the contact centre industry across South Africa and globally.

Key Membership Benefits

Attendance at the CCMG monthly events and participation in the online forums, provides a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and keep up-to-date with new developments. The CCMG brings together participants from all industry sectors to learn about best practice improvement, professional career development, and to examine tools and techniques to enhance the customer experience, while improving the business bottom line.

Contribute to the growth of your company’s contact centre and advance your career:
  • Become a trusted advisor
  • Be a strategic driver of change within your organisation
  • Take control of your contact centre operations
  • Drive growth
  • Gain knowledge of the latest technologies and solutions to make strategic investments

Group Membership for Employees

Organisations operating in the Contact Centre industry can gain multiple benefits from providing CCMG membership to their employees as they will access:

    Membership for employees can increase a sense of worth and being valued; and may reduce staff turnover and absence rates.

    Your employees can access:
    • Best-practices exchange
    • Workshops, conferences & showcases at members only rates.
    • Hot issues and latest trends in the industry
    • Support in the review of relevant laws and acts
    • Resources for leadership and efficiency improvement