Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


A Professional Designation is industry recognition that your skills are what the workplace wants and that you are up to date with the latest knowledge and practice in your field. This prestigious award confirms that you are competent and employable. Like a qualification, it is something you can actually write behind your name. In the Contact Centre Industry a designation is awarded for a period of three years, during which you are guided to maintain your CPD points. The CCMG is recognized with SAQA and is the only recognized professional body for the contact centre industry. Download the policy document

Earn CPD Points

Visit the Designation section of this website to see the CPD Plan for your Professional Designation.


Attend CCMG events to earn CPD points and network with your peers View the list of upcoming events here

Online Training

Complete the appropriate courses from these online training providers to earn CPD points.


Pro Talent offers quick and easy, yet powerful learning activities to earn CPD Points at a minimal cost. A variety of enjoyable options are available to all designations. Buy just what you need and get it done today still; or whenever it suits you. In the process, prepare yourself for bigger things in the industry; as testified by one of our students:

“I found the platform easy to use, the courses are very informative and would be useful for leaders both experienced and those new to delivering performance through people”


Designed for you the user, enabling the planning, recording and driving of your personal and career development to ever higher levels! Enroll for online courses through our e-Learning platform.