Council Members & Portfolio Committee

Dr Wynand Goosen

Dr Goosen is a perpetual scholar, with multiple qualifications that includes Doctorates in Business, Meta Physics and Human Capital. He has board membership with several professional organisations andis  a well-known conference speaker.

Janelle Gravett

Janelle has been involved in the skills development area for the past 40 years in industry sectors such as hospitality, travel, mining, manufacturing, business process outsourcing and services and education and skills development.

Matthew Byron

Matthew Byron, currently he works for an international finance house, he has more than 20 years collections and credit experience, and has managed large multinational call centres, in both customer services and legal collections across multiple countries.

Brian Malebo

Education and Training Development Practitioner at People Solutions SA, ETD Practitioner at Impactful Specialist Solutions and Education, Training and Development Practitioner at Bytes People Solutions. I strive for fairness and thrive for people's development.