Council Members & Portfolio Committee

Tanya Phillips


Tanya Phillips is an accomplished leader and is considered a doyenne of the Call Centre Industry. As Operations Director for some of the leading Outsource Providers in South Africa she has developed comprehensive experience.

Quinta Khan

Quinta Khan is a highly skilled and motivated Skills Development Specialist with a proven ability to execute tasks both effectively and efficiently. Over the years, she has successfully managed a series of skills development interventions including Contact Centre learnerships. Quinta is committed to fostering efforts that will lead to increased professionalism and growth in the Contact Centre industry.

Dr Wynand Goosen

Dr Goosen is a perpetual scholar, with multiple qualifications that includes Doctorates in Business, Meta Physics and Human Capital. He has board membership with several professional organisations andis  a well-known conference speaker.

Roshan Sookdeo

Roshan Sookdeo is the National Sales Manager of CallForce. He has extensive experience in the staffing industry, initially carrying responsibility for the Coastal Regions for one of South Africa’s largest blue collar staffing provider.

Matthew Byron

Matthew Byron, currently he works for an international finance house, he has more than 20 years collections and credit experience, and has managed large multinational call centres, in both customer services and legal collections across multiple countries.

Barbara Knight

Barbara is viewed as a dynamic leader and is an independent senior behavioural and management consultant and sought-after inspirational speaker. She has strong proven ability within the Industry and other vertical areas.

Janelle Gravett

Janelle has been involved in the skills development area for the past 40 years in industry sectors such as hospitality, travel, mining, manufacturing, business process outsourcing and services and education and skills development.

Lauren Potgieter

Lauren Potgieter has extensive experience and knowledge of the local and global BPO and contact center outsourcing landscape, and has been involved in this industry for almost 20 years.

Arnab Chatterjee

Arnab is an experienced Senior Leader from India. His career, over the last 25 years has panned across hospitality account management & Leading captive offshore customer experience centres, as well as third party set ups by large ITES players for some key customer across the globe. He has experienced the inception-to-transformation story of the BPM industry first-hand in India as he grew in his role and tenure.

Patrick Hutchison

Patrick Hutchison is a customer service professional who started his career on the front-lines more than 20 years ago in one of South Africa’s most innovative banks.

Craig Shalekoff

Craig Shalekoff has over 20 years BPO experience. with a proven track record, with ‘hands on’ experience, in developing and implementing major transformation projects and efforts involving large international BPO organisations. Craig has run multiple IT departments and has worked across Africa and Asia Pacific building multiple global networks.