How to Join the CCMG

These instructions are intended to assist you and guide you through the new process for registering
and participating in the services the Professional Body have to offer.

1. Create your Profile

This is at NO COST to anybody but allows you to register with us so that you are kept up to date with our Services and offerings. The system will generate your log in and Password that you can then use every time you want to book for an event etc.

2. Individual Member

Should you want to be a member of the Professional Body and have access to the Knowledge Portal, and our regular events please continue your application here the cost of being a member is R800,00 excluding VAT for the next 12 months. A certificate will be generated on your profile as soon as you have paid for the membership.

3. Professional Member

When you are ready to become a recognised professional in the industry you need to continue the application as a Professional Member. During this application you will be assessed and re-directed to the assigned Board Exam for you to complete. The board exam can only be done when we have received all your documentation and we have completed your assessment. After receiving the results of your board exam, we will notify you of your status: Competent or not yet Competent. Your certificates will be available on your profile as soon as you have paid the fees for the designation. When you have been issued your certification, you are then encouraged to showcase your achievement by using the letters associated with the designation behind your name, this is a badge of honour. The fees charged will depend on the assessment that you are doing and will be available when you apply.

4. Critical Skills Recommendation Letter

Should you need a Critical Skills Recommendation letter you will need to indicate this on the application. The team will then process the recommendation letter which should be collected from our offices as Home Affairs only accepts original signatures not digital signatures. (you are welcome to send a courier to collect). The letter will only be available for collection after you have paid the fees.

Get Started

Start by creating your profile here

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us at: