The Employer Association

The Employer Association of the Contact Centre Industry in South Africa serves national employers in their efforts to maximize performance; providing people management information and research, training and consulting expertise. The EA is also mandated to implement effective collective bargaining: this is an important way of determining employees’ wages and benefits and regulating industry relations.

To keep standards high to help organisations with world-class services and employee conditions become recognised, the EA is introducing an unbiased certification system that will be available for national and international clients interested in doing business with South African Contact Centre solution providers. Last, but not least, the EA provides a united way for it's members to engage government and legislative bodies on national policies that affect the Contact Centre Industry.

The Contact Centre Employer Association consists of 9 Chapters, each headed by top experts in the different areas of Contact Centre operations.

The strategic advantage of joining an Employer Association must never be underestimated.

What are the top 3 ways in which the EA will change the way the Industry does business?

  • Your voice will be heard:
    The Industry employers will have a strong representation and bargaining power towards regulatory and legislative bodies and employee associations. This power has been sorely lacking.
  • Access top experts in a particular field
    The heads of the 9 professional chapters of the EA provide specialist consultancy in several fields ranging from technology to HR (and everything in between) to members. Priceless value, regardless of the size of your organization.
  • Become a recommended partner
    A very significant change is that the new certification system for all Industry employers will promote and reward companies that strive for excellence and high standards of service. They will be recommended to Clients who request assurance from the Professional Body, the CCMG regarding potential South African partners.

A large proportion of the Contact Centre Sector depends on the flow of people from the TES Sector. That's why we want a specific chamber for Recruitment Companies. Read this...

Why Join the Employer Association?

Employer Association  Shared Services

The cost to join The Employer Association of the Contact Centre Industry is only R360.00 p.a excl. VAT

Expert advice

The CCMG delivers monthly Legislative Information sharing sessions in each of the regions via Skype