Embracing the Second Half of 2023

It's incredible how quickly we have reached the second half of 2023. I hope this year has been productive for you, brimming with new opportunities and accomplishments.

In this month of July we celebrate Mandela Day on the 18th . the theme for 2023 is “Climate, Food & Solidarity” and reflects some of the most urgent challenges facing people worldwide. This year we will focus on dismantling poverty and inequality by taking action against climate change and creating resilient food environments. We as the contact center leaders in South Africa have the power to have a direct impact on Job creation and reducing poverty in South Africa. Lets work together and make the difference we want to see.

It would be great to receive some pics for our next publication of how each of you have celebrated Mandela day.

On the cards for the second instalment of 2023:

 Kind regards

Roshan Sookdeo  
CCMG Council Member


Roshan Sookdeo 

Director Global Solutions, CallForce

As the Global Outsourcing Director at CallForce, my primary responsibilities encompass driving growth, managing acquisitions, and cultivating relationships. I spearhead the global strategy to establish BPO opportunities across Asia Pacific, Australia, South Africa, UK, and the USA. With active participation as a member of the professional designation board at CCMG, I contribute to shaping industry standards. Leveraging my extensive experience in the BPO sector and a telecom background, I am deeply passionate about educating professionals on optimising customer experience (CX), journey mapping, process design, and pioneering methodologies.