Editor's Note - October 2022

It's October and I am sure you are all feeling the change in weather making it possible to shed some of the layers of clothing we have been wearing.

The Sunshine should be lifting your moods as we look forward to the end of a year that has gone past us at the speed of light.

We still have two exciting events for you to look forward to before closing off the year. 

CCMG National Conference 2022:

We will be discussing: 

  • Benchmarks / research / best practice - a way to view what best practice looks like now and understand how the current circumstances impact the industry.
  • Digital transformation - Real case studies - separate the hype from the real talk?
  • Leading people - Leadership - what is needed to lead in the new world of work?

We welcome the participation of all our speakers with some new faces joining other celebrities from the industry known to you all.

Our latest Partnership with Microsoft with their Digital Contact Center offering is going to add to the knowledge sharing and understanding of new technology available.

COPC are also going to wow us with what is currently available internationally on Benchmarks and Market research, this will give us something to look forward to next year as we embark with them on a Benchmarking Marketing research paper for South Africa. 

Added to this we will have Primodialer, Talksure and Pivotal Data, the others are still in negotiations. 

Register here as we are almost at Capacity for 26th October 2022 

The Awards: 

Well this has been an interesting exercise with a definite increase in the quality of the entries.

The Judges are hard at work judging the entries. 

Reserve your spot to find out who the Best of the Best are on 30 November 2022

Finalists to be released early October.