Editor's Note - November 2022

If you haven't realised how fast this year has gone just visit your local shopping mall.

There you will already find the first Christmas displays creeping in, and the occasional Bony M tune. 

In this final quarter looking back we have met our goals and managed to improve our communications with our members and clients. 

The CCMG are very proud of the conference that was hosted in October and I am glad to say that we had fantastic input and discussions with the attendees. The conference gave us between 118 - 80 delegates that were around for the day. 

The finalists have been announced and the final interviews have been wrapped up. The Audio Visual team are now busy putting all the pieces together to give us a great show on the 30th November when the Best of the Best in the industry are announced. Rumour has it that there will be a number of celebrations in company auditoriums and in training rooms as the Winners are announced, they need to be celebrated. 

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See our finalists here 

The level of entries have been at a very high standard this year and often as the committee we wonder if we are awarding a place to the best of the entries or the actual best in the industry. This year we can confirm that the finalists are the best of the best in the industry and it is going to be interesting to see who the winners are. The scores were very close and in places we have had to get judges back together to calibrate their scores so that the Winners are identified. 

Thanks to the judges and their effort to award fair and transparent scores, we know there were long hours spent late into the nights to enable us to achieve our deadlines. 

Best of luck to our finalists and fingers crossed.