Editor's Note - June 2022

Time is flying past us at such a rapid rate where did May go? I know we were all at our desks but I did not see May month this year, It just vanished. So we are into June which is the half year mark and crazy days coming up as we run head long into December. 

The CCMG were honoured to be invited to the "asensos, Digital Tribe" launch, we wish you guys the best for the future, after all this time it was great to go to an event and celebrate with the industry with some new younger looking faces and then the old faces who are all aging well. 

The rest of this year has a lot happening with the CCMG: 

  • Launch of the awards 1 July 2022
  • The CCMG National Conference on the 28th September 2022
  • The CCMG National Awards on the 29th November 

This will wrap up the year, Conference and Awards will be Virtual again for this year as we have been encouraged by our international participants to keep a similar format so that they can also participate in the Conference and Awards. 

Next year everything being equal we will meet up with one another at venue's 

The e-mails will be buzzing this week as we start to push the marketing information through to all of you. Make sure you and all your colleagues have created a profile (for free) on our database to ensure you get all our communications.