Editor's Note - February 2022


We're putting our best foot forward to ensure that 2022 is a much more optimistic and successful year.

How are we doing that?

Easy, we have only one New Year's resolution - Be Positive. 

“New beginnings are in order, and you are bound to feel some level of excitement as new chances come your way.”

Make sure you are ready for these new beginnings. Ensure that you are ready to improve your “Employability Index®” by getting your Professional Designation through the Professional Body. For the foreigners in the industry needing their Critical Skills Visa apply through the CCMG to get your recommendation letter for your Home Affairs application.  

It’s a new year it’s a new opportunity make the best of the opportunities available to you. The industry has shown positive growth and development recently.  

Join the CCMG on the road to lifelong learning through regular Webinars, Workshops, Industry Awards and Conferences. All of these add to your “Employability Index®” making sure that you are the right person for the right opportunity to be a success.