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Professional Body
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The CCMG (Contact Centre Management Group) is the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body for the Contact Centre Industry. Professional Body I.D. No. 825.

This now gives you an opportunity to be recognised for what you have achieved during your career in the contact centre industry. Being part of the professional body will also give you an opportunity to earn points on a regular basis which you can build up grow and develop into the various professional designations.

The CCMG have also aligned our professional designations with the United Kingdom which at all levels will give you recognition at an international level.

Advance your professional career in the contact centre industry by joining the Contact Centre Management Group.

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As the appointed Professional Body the CCMG a platform for the upgrading of skills and knowledge. Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluation stage. There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance.

Contact Centre Professionals think carefully about your careers and upgrading through the CCMG before you become “OUTDATED”

The CCMG was formed in South Africa in October 2009, and is run by experienced Contact Centre professionals and experts who sit on the advisory board. The CCMG head office is based in Gauteng and Cape Town and operates on a national level throughout South Africa. As the South African professional body for and including Contact Centre Managers and Supervisors, the CCMG is dedicated to providing a forum where organisations and individuals can interact, having a common goal of professional and business development, service excellence, and continuous improvement. CCMG is dedicated to providing information on matters affecting Contact Centres, including amongst others: industry standards, best practices, product information, templates, tools, training and development, networking opportunities, events on current issues facing the industry, case studies, and award programmes.

CCMG members include executives and management professionals from organisations with inbound or outbound Contact Centres, outsourcers and users of teleservices, trainers, consultants, technology developers and suppliers, and service providers.

The CCMG, Your Professional Body

Company Related Benefits

  • Growing, developing, mentoring and transforming the middle management layer of the Contact Centre industry in South Africa. CCMG Management is responsible to the members, stakeholders, clients, supporters and employees.
  • Building a database of all relevant stakeholders in the South African Contact Centre industry. This will include Corporate, Vendors, Service Providers and professionals, managers and executives at all levels of the industry.
  • The CCMG is dedicated to the highest levels of professional development and commits its activities to improving human prosperity and industry growth.
  • Aligning with and supporting the goals and activities of organisations such as SACCI (SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry) the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), Society of Marketers and similar trade and professional bodies.
  • Identifying the most critical needs of the CCMG’s members to ensure that they are assisted in their day-to-day jobs and to this end our organisation pledges to devote its resources to meeting those needs.
  • Acting as the professional, representative body for the Contact Centre industry in South Africa, the custodian of the industry’s reputation and the mouthpiece for the industry.
  • Providing a framework and the resources that promote quality standards and ‘best practice principles’ and professionalism in the Contact Centre industry.
  • Fostering equality of opportunity throughout the industry and actively addressing issues of employment equity.
  • Delivering a range of professional services to the broader industry; to be experts and Trusted Advisors able to provide unbiased evaluations of products and services as well as to assess and audit Contact Centre operations, suppliers and providers

Individual Related Benefits

  • Membership Certificates.
  • Committed to a recognised Code of Practice.
  • Access to website information.
  • Able to publish case studies and articles on the website.
  • Practitioner development support structures to professional status.
  • Access to related vacancies advertised on the website.
  • Listing of experts and members on website.
  • Access to quality related services and products.
  • Listing of approved course providers for CPD.
  • Listing of approved consultants.
  • Discounts / promotions for CPD.
  • Conferences, industry visits and workshops.
  • Members can achieve more prestigious grades such as Fellow, Life Long Members, etc.
  • Members can participate in various industry awards
  • CCMG newsletter and other information

Professional Grades

Membership grades are currently as follows:

Level 5 - Management with more than 2 years’ experience

Must be more than 2 years, and currently in a senior decision making position. Must have both experience and qualifications. May require interview, or reference from employment (CPD Compulsory). Level 5 CPD exam required

Level 4 - Management with up to 2 years’ experience

Up to 2 years’ experience. This can be reduced by two years due to appropriate qualifications (CPD compulsory) Level 4 CPD exam required

Level 3 - Team Leaders/Supervisors

Currently in the role of either a Supervisor or Team Leader. (CPD compulsory) Level 3 CPD exam required

Level 2 - Agent seasoned, more than 1 years’ experience

At least 1 years related experience (these members have no influence on the running of The Professional Body). (CPD compulsory) Level 2 CPD exam required

Level 1 - Agent with up to 1 years’ experience

This would suit students and new employees who are building up their qualifications and experience (0-12 months) (These members have no influence on the running of the Professional Body) (CPD compulsory) Level 1 CPD exam required

Associate Member:

A person who wants to belong to the Professional Body and who wants to take part in the activities of the CCMG just for interest and has no intention of obtaining a grade. (These members have no influence on the running of the Professional Body) (CPD not compulsory but recommended)

Apply for the recognition of the grade that you feel you want to be recognised for. Complete the entry exam and by passing you join an international group of professionals practicing in the contact centre industry.

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