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Why Join the Employers Association?
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The CCMG is proud to invite you to become members of  "The Employers Association for the Contact Centre Sector ", which was recently launched in Johannesburg in March. Please have a look at the accompanying PowerPoint Presentation made at our launch.

With the CCMG having been instrumental within the South African Contact Centre Sector, for over 10 years now, we are firmly of the belief that unless the rights and opportunities of your collective community, the actual OWNERS of the businesses within this sector, are asserted and advocated, independently of Government and other interested parties, then we will remain in a never-ending cycle of the tail wagging the dog. Of Government telling you what to do. How to find business. How to contract for that business. What you can do and what you should not do. Of Government initiated agencies spending a disproportionate amount of fiscal funds in an attempt to create inward bound investment, but doing so independently of your strategy, the strategy of the Business Owners themselves.

Essentially what we want to see, is the collective of Business Owners, large and small, serving both the local and the global marketplace, asserting your right to self-determination. Government need to have a relationship with you, on your terms, as your Social Partner. Supply-side Incentive Programmes funded by DTI are your right, as is funding for BPO initiatives. Inward Bound Investment strategies need to be subservient to your drives and aspirations and strategic goals, and any agency responsible for such Inward Bound Investment must be accountable to you as the Employers, instead as is often the case, the other way around.

Ideally what we want to work towards is a CONFEDERATION of Independent but compatible Organisations, within a common framework of co-operation with the single purpose of creating a self-governed and globally attractive BPO sector, balanced by a strong and well represented local network of reputable and accountable Contact Centre operations. Within this CONFEDERATION we would like to see:

  • The DTI
  • The Professional Body
  • The Training Provider Network

The Governance Structure of the Employer Association will be constituted by your representatives. By people who like you run and manage your own businesses within the Contact Centre Sector. The policies framework, operational mechanisms and strategic projects undertaken will be identified by yourselves, mandated by you and importantly singularly intended only to be of benefit to you.

Our challenge as the "CCMG Contact Centre Employer Association" will be to prove to you that in accepting your Membership and hence mandating the Association to exist and implement our strategy, that you will come to see it as your strategy towards a strong and healthy state of Self-Governance.

We would dearly like to regard your company as a Member of the "CCMG Contact Centre Employers Association". What it would mean for us is that you are pleased to mandate us to proceed with creating what needs to be a strong, assertive and independent organisation which wants to work with Government and all other interested parties in ensuring the growth and sustainability of our Sector based on our Members strategic considerations and priorities as the Owners of the Businesses affected.

The cost to join The Employers Association for the Contact Centre Sector for the contact centre is R360.00 p.a excl. VAT

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