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Critical Skills Work Visa
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The CCMG will be able to assist you with written confirmation of your meeting the criteria of one or more skills listed on the currently gazetted critical skills list.

The CCMG (Contact Centre Management Group) is the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body for the Contact Centre Industry. Professional Body I.D. No. 825.

How to aquire your Critical Skills Visa

In order to be able to assist you with written confirmation of your meeting the criteria of one or more skills listed on the currently gazetted critical skills list, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Register for membership of the CCMG

Join the CCMG

2. Apply for your Professional Designation

Apply Here

3. Submit the following documents to the CCMG

You will be able to upload the documents during your online application. If you experience any problems, you can send them via email to

  • RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) documents. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) will be implemented on some of the designations.
  • Certified copies of: SAQA equivalency certificate for foreign degrees / diplomas. Minimum requirement is a matric equivalent. NQF Level 4. The SAQA verification is to establish your schooling and education in the language that you are applying for. The CCMG use this to verify that you can read, write and speak the language that you have applied for.
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Your recent, updated resume (curriculum vitae), clearly indicating the critical skill category (from the gazetted Critical Skills List) that you believe applies to you and that you will be employed for in South Africa.
  • A letter from your current employer and a letter from a past employer attesting to your particular skills and competencies (containing details of experience etc. relevant to the relevant critical skill category)

Once an assessment has been done on the above documentation an invoice will be sent to you via email. Once Proof of Payment is received an assessment test will be set up for you. If you pass the assessment you will receive your letters and certificate to submit to the Department of Home Affairs. 

4. Critical Skills Visa Application

You will then be able to take your documentation to the Department of Home Affairs and submit your application for the Critical Skills Visa.

Successful applicants for critical skills assessment will receive 2 copies of the certificate from the CCMG with the SAQA Logo and also 2 originals of the letter of confirmation of the professional designation. This letter confirms that you are a member and that you have been assessed and have earned your professional designation.

You will also receive 2 copies of your welcome letter as a member of the Professional Body (CCMG) and the certificate of membership. A copy of the original documents as well as the Certificates will need to accompany your application to the relevant embassy / consulate / office of the Department of Home Affairs.

These written confirmations will be posted by normal (non-trackable) post to the applicant. Should the applicant wish to make use of special postal services (e.g. courier), this will need to be arranged by the applicant, and any additional costs are for the applicant’s own account.

It is important to note that the provision of such a written confirmation of critical skills by the CCMG does not provide any guarantee whatsoever of a Critical Skills Work Visa being issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs, and the CCMG gives no such assurances.

How to maintain your Critical Skills Visa

1. Annual CCMG Membership

2. Continuous Professional Points (CPD)

3. Updated Profile

Login to the CCMG website to update your profile information regularly.

SAQA and Home Affairs require that you maintain your profile with the most up to date information every 3 months. Once you have created your profile you will be sent your individual link to update and maintain. Please note that this information will be sent to SAQA and DHA will also have access to your profile.

4. Company registration and listing

Home affairs also require that the company that you will working for is a legitimate contact centre and the CCMG need to have them listed and registered as a contact centre. To establish this the CCMG will ask the company to apply for a listing which will then activate an assessment of the contact centre. We can only assist you where there is a legitimate contact centre that complies to the processes and disciplines of a contact centre.

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