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Contact Centre Brand Ambassador (CCBA)
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Requirements & CPD Plan

393 Contact Centre Brand Ambassador
CCMG – Contact Centre Management Group Level 0-1
NQF Level 3 13.33 Points 40 Points
Roles and Careers linked to the qualification include but are not limited to:
  • Junior and Senior Client Services Clerks/Agent/Representative/Consultants
  • Junior and Senior Contact Centre/Call Centre Agent/Representative/Consultant
  • Junior and Senior Customer Service Representatives/Consultant
  • Junior and Senior Customer Care Agent/Representative/Consultant
  • Junior and Senior Customer Care Ambassador
  • Junior and Senior Direct Selling Agent
  • Junior and Senior Sales Agents/Representative/Consultant
  • Junior and Senior Tele Marketing Agents/Representatives/Consultant
  • Junior and Senior Data Capturing Clerk/Agent/Representative
  • Junior and Senior Administration Clerk
  • Junior Quality Assessor
The core functions of a Contact Centre Brand Ambassador include but are not limited to the following:
  • Identify Contact Centre customers and their needs.
  • Respond to customers’ needs and requirements with factual and accurate information.
  • Gather and process data specifically related to Contact Centres.
  • Operate as a team member in a diverse working environment.
  • Perform to the required standards and requirements.
  • Implement and articulate operational activities in a Contact Centre
To qualify as a Contact Centre Brand Ambassador, professionals must comply with the following minimum requirements: an applicant must have completed or partly completed:
  • a National Certificate in Contact Centre Support (NQF Level 2), -and/or-
  • Contact Centre and Business Process Support (NQF Level 3),
both which are registered learnerships with the Services SETA.

For the designation to be awarded applicants must have:
  • Successfully completed the entry level assessment within three months of starting in the industry;
  • more than 1 or more years business advising experience (with up to 30 advisory sessions with micro businesses, or 15 with small or 12 with medium sized businesses, or any combination); AND
  • 2 or more years (relevant to business advising) SAQA recognised tertiary level education or, in the event of a lack of a tertiary qualification, more than 10 years business advising experience.
In order to ensure the currency of professional knowledge and retain the designation, the Contact Centre Brand Ambassador is required to:
  • Adhere to the CCMG’s Code of Conduct;
  • Perform and register any combination of 40 CPD points over a 3 year period of formal CPD activities;
  • Participate in formal CPD activities as follows:
  • Ensure that annual CCMG membership fees are paid.
Through accumulating more industry-related experience a Contact Centre Brand Ambassador can progress to the higher professional designations, namely Contact Center Support Professional, Contact Centre Operational Professional, Contact Centre Strategic Professional and Contact Centre Information & Data Analytics Management Professional.

(CCBA) CPD Requirements

1. Short courses:

Complete self-study of short courses with accredited training providers. These accredited training providers offer a variety of short courses which can be completed online.

Current accredited training providers are:

· Pro-Talent

· Skillzbook

· eStudy

2. Professional Development.

1. Attendance of CCMG events. Half day workshops earns 1 CPD point, full day conferences can earn between 4-6 CPD points.

2. Other industry events must be registered or recognised with CCMG and can earn up to 4 CPD points.

3. In-house Training (your employer).

Up to 20 points can be earned in this category. Your company must register for CPD with CCMG for approval.

4. Education and Training. No minimum points, as further formal training is not compulsory for this designation.

Where a CCBA meets the designation requirements, formal training is not compulsory. If your CPD contract requires, the attainment of a qualification is a requirement.

A CCBA designation holder may enroll for an accredited learning program and earn up to 10 points per year. The program MUST be CCMG approved. Must be chosen from Management L4, L5 or Contact Centre L2, L3, L4, or any other CCMG approved qualification.

5. Reading and Publishing. A maximum of 15 Points can be completed in this category.

Read an article and complete the article requirement on the CCMG Platform. Save in your profile. Earn 1 point per article, to a maximum of 15. You can also write a blog or article as per the template for 2 points. Each no less than 500 words. Must be published on an approved site (LinkedIn, Skills universe, Skills Portal etc.)

Publishing industry related articles on a credible source, such as newspapers, e-newsletters and industry journals or industry websites. These must be copied and saved in the CCBA’s CCMG profile.

Reading books about topics that are related to Call Centre Industry – CCBA’s must write a short reference in the CCBA’s CCMG profile of no less than 500 words

6.1. Personal Development. A

Up to 5 CPD points could be earned for completing and monitoring a personal development plan.

6.2. Personal & Professional Development




Membership of industry body (incl. unions, bargaining councils and professional bodies)




Serving on committees that serve the industry


Receiving industry awards recognised by CCMG




Receiving company awards




Participating in competitions (national, international, regional or local or company)




Winning in competitions (national or international)




Participating in shows or exhibitions (national or international)


Category 7:

Recognised Informal CPD activities.

Team building in house or outsourced would fall into this category and would need to be discussed with the CCMG to asses points awarded.


Total over 12 months

A minimum of 13.33 CPD points must be earned per year for a minimum of 40 CPD points over a cycle of 3 years to sustain the designation. A candidate therefore cannot apply for a higher designation if in the last 12 months on the current designation they did not meet the required point minimum.


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