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Salaries over the last 10 years

Friday, 27 September 2019  
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Ever wonder why the attrition in the contact centre industry is so high… Seeing we are always looking for someone, something to blame, take a glance at what Maslow’s been telling us for years…

He talks to Physiological, Safety and a Sense of Belonging being man’s primary needs. In most cases these are measured against a salary being offered in return for hard work.

MindMatch has collected interesting data over the years, with the below graphs showing how salaries evolved over time compared to the impact of inflation. Without looking at the information below can you remember what you paid for long-life milk in 2006? R8.00? R6.50? R5.50? R3.00? Very few people can remember increases over time as it becomes the norm. In most cases the salaries did not adjust to this gradual increase - where does this leave employees?

We want to take you back to 2008 and compare it to 2019.

In summary:

  • A 60% increase in basic food costs
  • An estimated 30% increase in entry level customer service salary across the country over the exact same skill set over a period of 10 years
  • An exponential increase in the industry
  • Millions of Rands spent on skills development

AND YET we are still paying a mere 30% more for the same roles we paid 10 years ago, the questions we must ask ourselves …

  • Have we adjusted experience and skills requirements for entry level salaries considering we haven’t shifted that attraction salary as much as we should have?
  • If we are going to keep our salaries that low, how much of our work force has come through an impact sourcing strategy?
  • How many staff or skill have we retained?
  • Have we truly contributed to job creation and skill development? Or are we just fooling ourselves by the mere shift in volumes coming and going in the industry?
  • How many good employees have we lost due to salaries? Had we adjusted those salaries responsibly, would our cost of attrition look different today?

Brings a new dimension to the saying “Be penny-wise and pound-foolish’

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