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Biometrics & Analytics

Friday, 27 September 2019  
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The magic mix of Security, Fraud Prevention, and Customer Experience

Our modern consumers are spoiled for choice. Keeping these customers engaged and profitable depends on our ability to deliver hyper-personalised products and targeted sales messaging.

But how do we execute on that within the contact centre

This is where analytics and biometrics have a role to play.

Biometrics for control

Voice Biometric systems measure unique characteristics of a person's voice patterns - in a similiar manner as a system would save a fingerprint.

Contact centres from various sectors, including Debt Recovery Agencies have turned to Voice Biometrics to protect the customer, eliminate fraud and provide the customer with a faster and easier service.

Analytics for insight

Speech analytics systems analyse the spoken words in a conversation and draws trends from it. Based on these trends, and the rules set up around it that can alert the agent with a reminder if they haven’t provided critical information, or guide the agent towards a certain conversation path.

Most speech analytics tools provide full call transcripts and recordings, alongside post-call analysis that scores the quality of the call.  This information can be used to identify possible training gaps, people skills required, or aid in customer profiling.

Profiling for success

Customer profiling is a method used to gain understanding of the behaviors, wants, needs and patterns of our customers. Armed with this critical insight, organisations can make the right design decisions concerning services offered, tailored to the unique buying patterns and needs of a specific customer.

The moment of success is when your deep understanding of the customer guides and scripts the agent to delivering the correct message, while voice biometrics ensures seamless, uninterrupted security.

The ability to do great things within your grasp. The technology is available and Jasco has the know-how to implement it to generate the business success you need. All you have to do is use the tools and data at your disposal. 

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