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#Tweeting bad service

Sunday, 13 January 2019  
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"This is #Tweeting bad service"

Irrespective of our own persuasions with regards to the use of social media, nobody can deny that, like it or not, social media is here to stay. And will be with us for a long time to come.

Initially the likes of Facebook started as a means for keeping in touch - a convenient way for South Africans to keep up with the relatives in Australia, Canada and the UK.

trumpNow, like billions of people around the world, South Africans integrate their numerous social media platforms into their daily routine.

The ubiquity of social media has allowed interesting conversations incubating life changing societal change - just think of the Arab Spring uprisings, Brexit and the American Presidential election! ...

... and as social media extends its reach beyond family, friends and the occasional online cat photo, consumers have started to use social media to express their opinions about businesses too.

Research by the well-respected authority in advertising, Nielson, showed that 83% of respondents trust the recommendations of friends and family. Added to that, 66% trust consumer opinions posted online.

With the same ease and vigour that neighbours bad-mouth each other on social media about barking dogs, so too do they vent their anger at businesses who provide less-than-stellar customer experiences.

Now, like billions of people around the world, South Africans integrate their numerous social media platforms into their daily routine.


As customers get frustrated with a lack of service quality - albeit via the web portals or physically in-branch, the contact centre provides the escalation point to which these customers can raise their problems.

The contact centre therefore becomes the centrally managed, quality controlled, customer experience saviors that stops rising customer fury from spilling over into social media.

With the critical and central role that the contact centre has, it is therefore important to equip the contact centre with the tools it requires. These are:

A single, end-to-end view of the customer through integrated systems A history of all previous interactions with the customer - irrespective of the channel (physical, e-mail, web chat, contact centre) The quality management tools that ensures consistently excellent problem resolution capabilities across the contact centre workforce

With over 40 years experience in crafting excellent customer experiences, Jasco has differentiated ourselves as the leading customer experience expert in the market.

Jasco's integration and development teams are well respected in the industry for their ability to integrate disparate, and sometimes legacy systems into the contact centre. Having all data presented to the agents enables them to provide the class of service that modern customers expect.

Parallel to that, with the contact centre as your central point of interaction management, you can easily and simply centrally control the consistency of the quality of service to your customer base.

We're here to listen. Talk to us about your contact centre and let's craft a creative and successful path ahead for your business.


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