What is Continuous Professional Development?

Continuous Professional Development is the process of recording your professional learning and experiences. As a Member registered with the Professional Body, you will have to carry out a variety of learning to earn your required CPD Points in a cycle. CPD advocates the importance of professional development to ensure that you can demonstrate your knowledge and experience of up-to-date industry standards and practice.

How does CPD Impact me?

Continuous Professional Development is compulsory for all Members registered with the Professional Body with the potential risk of losing your Membership of the Contact Centre professional Body. All CPD activities and points earned will be uploaded to your profile on a regular basis.

What benefits does CPD hold for you as a Professional?

It is an important source that can be used as a reference when making contacts throughout your career. Having a record of your development (such as CPD) gives your clients, employers or employees confidence and assurance in your competence and ability.

Due to the nature of the Contact Centre industry continuously changing, having an evidenced record of your continued development demonstrates that you are up to date with industry standards.

Overall, CPD is a source of competence evidence. Across your contact centre career, you will work over a broad variety of topics and projects but having CPD enables you to keep track of this.

Benefits of carrying out CPD:

  • Your Profile on the E2Solution system– is an online tool that The CCMG offers for you to record your CPD.
  • Variety of CPD activities – to make the most of your CPD it is important for you to carry out a range of different CPD activities.
  • Training courses are worth CPD points through completion. Courses containing exams award 1 CPD point per hour of studying.
  • Many other activities count as CPD.

The aim of CPD is to demonstrate that, although you may have finished your formal education, it is important to continually learn and advance your knowledge to ensure that you can evidence your knowledge, at your work, of up-to-date industry standards and practices whilst remaining competent.