Three Call Centre Trends You Can’t Ignore

Within the call centre industry, we know that good data and stable systems are some of the most important aspects to get right if you want to run your business successfully. Also important is to have the right people and to create an environment for them to thrive in; to have a good product or valuable service offering to take to market; and partnerships that will hold the test of time.

If you have these in place, then you are definitely on your way to creating a successful call centre business. However, it’s also important to identify trends in the industry to keep your business moving forward. We looked at three trends that we believe you can’t miss out on.

The growth in digital, due to the pandemic

Consumers have become more familiar with call centre interactions since the onset of social distancing. Many sales of products and services have moved to an online or call centre environment, which has led to growth in the call centre space.

For instance, at 1Life we are now offering external call centres the opportunity to get involved in our insurance business, through the sale of funeral and life insurance. This enables these partner call centres to grow and diversify their income, which in these times is invaluable. We have had significant interest in this proposition and are open to engage with future partners. If interested, contact Cherene at

Multi-channel contact centres

At the same time there has also been technological developments in the call centre space to take note of. Classic call centres that answer enquiries exclusively by telephone have now become multichannel contact centres. This means that all communication channels (email, WhatsApp, social media, chat) are used. Customers are offered intelligent, dialogue-capable self-service, through chatbots for instance.

The use of chatbots has become widespread and the technology is becoming an expectation by customers. One of their best features is the collection of information before a call takes place. This ensures a better client experience.

Leveraging a multi-cloud solution

Many businesses are moving towards a multi-cloud experience, meaning they use services offered by multiple cloud providers. The biggest benefit of a multi-cloud solution is the improvement of your scalability and flexibility.

Your solutions should have the capacity to grow with your business and a multi-cloud solution gives you this. It also unlocks the ability to set up a contact centre within minutes, which simply isn’t possible with legacy systems.

As virtual call centres are built in the cloud, your agents can work from anywhere, anytime. It opens up the possibility of implementing a 24-hour contact solution.

So, why not take advantage of these call centre trends and provide and exceptional service to your customer.

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