Editor's Note - March 2022

March is here with a strange mix of weather, make the most of the good days and enjoy the Sun while it is here as winter is creeping up on us. The industry has seen some fantastic growth of late and it is good to see how things are getting back to the new world of normal. Reports are coming in from contact Centres that have resumed full back to the office and still there are those that have decided to work on the 80/20 rule where 20% of their staff are doing rotational work and spending time working from home.

We have also seen an increase of senior staff or admin staff working from home and it does not look as if that will change soon.

At the CCMG we are in full Awards mode reviewing what we did last year and making changes in the background to ensure that this year is an even better event than last years. We are also currently working on two conferences for this year. Using the same recipe that we used last year. Fast paced all knowledge sharing with no sales pitches.

Feel free to reach out to me Sharon.Haigh@ccmg.org.za with any of your suggestions.

For the Designated Professionals we have also started adding to your portfolio a variety of CPD opportunities which you can do in your own time. Our intention will be to give you a minimum of 20 points in your portfolio. This is excluding the Webinars, Conferences and Awards opportunities. For The Corporate Members there are some exciting additions for you to participate in this year. All your aligned inhouse training will be recognised by the CCMG the added value is that you are able to offer Continuous Professional Development Points to your training. Looking at what South Africa is being called on to do in the gearing up of their Good Business Practices you will see the opportunity to be recognised for this in 5 various areas. Sign up now as a Corporate Member and stand and be counted as one of the Corporates that are doing things right.