Editor's Note - August 2022

As we start planning for the end of the year and hopefully start planning for the Holiday's, there is still some punch left in this year. It has been very interesting talking to the industry and seeing how many people are still not ready to brave the world of face to face conferences and events for business. However that need to get out and socialise with our friends is on the list. 

The CCMG will this year (I hope for the last time) host our conference and the awards on a virtual platform. 

The Conference is at the end of September so please book your spaces as we had some disappointed people last year that missed a fantastic event that was appreciated by all who attended. 

Entries for the National Awards are open and we are off to a good start. I am loving the interaction with you as you work through the descriptions making sure that your entries fit the requirements. Feel free to carry on asking questions. 

Enter the awards here

Entries close on the 31st August 2022