BOOK LAUNCH: Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

Considering the pandemic and the fast-paced changes occurring within the workplace, managers are aware of the need to focus on mental wellbeing but are often at a loss as to how to do so. This book offers insights from experts in the field, and associated fields, of mental health— each of whom have been carefully chosen to share their deep understanding of a specific knowledge area with you.

The book launch offers the unique opportunity to interact with these authors and hear their stories, observations and working wisdom acquired over years within their respective professions. The launch will be an organic conversation about the motivations for the book and the current context of mental health. Don’t miss out, save your seat today!

4 November, 17h00 (SAST) – RSVP HERE
11 November, 10h00 (SAST) – RSVP HERE
Online via Zoom
Registration: Free

Unsure what a book launch with KR would look like? Have a look at a snippet from our previous launch HERE