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Welcome back from the Easter break and for those of you who went away we trust you had a well-deserved break and for the rest of us that worked through the weekend we trust that the sacrifice brings you great returns.

Another reminder that this year’s CCMG awards are looming closer with every passing day and to ensure that you are afforded every opportunity to shine we thought we would take this opportunity to communicate and remind you of the categories up for grabs this year.

Contact Centre Showcase Cape Town 2014: Presentations

View all the presentations from the Contact Centre Showcase in Cape Town in April 2014

Workplace mobility

Kelly Group Executive Marketing, Kim Meszaros provides key insights into the KGWI 2013 findings on social media and technology in the workplace.

The Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) is respected as an annual worldwide authority on trends and developments in the workplace. The 2013 report encapsulates opinions of over 122 000 people across the globe. It addresses issues from global mobility and technology as well as workplace changes.

Why you want a designation

In the Contact Centre Industry, the idea of a designation to manage the demand in changing skills was designed to manage this skills evolution on a step-by-step basis.

A designation confirms publically, to your employer and mostly to yourself, what your current worth is in the workplace. In many ways a designation is even better then a qualification.

List of designations awarded by the CCMG (SAQA approved)

Call centers are getting smarter

There are many companies that long for the days where landlines were still the norm, particularly when it comes to debt collecting. Because landlines were analogue and geographic in nature, which meant that callers had no idea who has ringing and whoever was calling knew or could find the address that landline was attached to, people were simply more likely to answer their phones.


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