CCMG 2015 Awards

Recognising and Celebrating the South Africa Contact Centre Industry’s Leading Individuals and Top Performing Companies

The CCMG 2015 Awards aims to recognise the most successful individuals and organisations in the South African Contact Centre Industry. All the finalists in the CCMG awards will have the opportunity to enter the global awards with

CCMG Contact Centre Showcase 2015

28 May, 2015
Protea Hotel President, 4 Alexander Road, Bantry Bay, Cape Town

CCMG Showcase: Helping to revolutionise customer experience by presenting ground-breaking technology, industry best practice and top SA talents

Previous winners share their tips

Ryan Kleinhans, Volkswagen SA

This week we have asked one of our previous winners in both the company and individual awards categories to share a bit of their experience with aspiring entrants into this year’s awards. 

Volkswagen Group South Africa has a history with the CCMG since 2012, but entered the awards for the first time in 2013 in the Best Contact Centre category where they were awarded Gold.  This was followed by two wins in 2014 in the Best Supervisor and Best Workforce Planner categories.

Where to Find Proactive Customer Service Opportunities

Previously in Why Relying Only On Reactive Customer Service Is No Longer Good Enough, the first in a series of three articles on proactive customer service, we looked at establishing the business case for proactive customer service. In this, the second article in the series, we’ll explore where the opportunities lie and will provide some examples of companies that are experiencing great results via their proactive strategies.

Is Your Contact Centre Equipped to Meet Changing Customer Expectations?

Hurrah! Gone are the days of waiting in a queue at the bank or scouring shopping malls to find the item we want. Instead we go online, browse the web, send an email query or tap out a webchat or tweet. Only if it’s really complicated or urgent do we pick up the phone. Some might say it’s become impersonal, that consumers no longer need organisations to help them buy or get advice. Is that really the case, or has the focus of customer service merely shifted?


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