Card Payments and Compliance in South Africa

In the first study of its kind, a white paper and report on card payments in the call centre industry of South Africa.

In today's hyper connected and fast paced world, consumers are becoming more and more discerning and demanding in the way they interact with business. Merchants are chasing the holy grail of omni-channel; providing a seamless customer experience has become paramount. With highlighted customer satisfaction the last few years, organisations should serve individuals in ways that is convenient for the customer. These ways include how customers want to pay for products or services.

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THE SALARY SURVEY RESULTS – PART 1: A focus on Contact Centre Agents

The 2014 Salary Survey presented by the CCMG in collaboration with CallForce presents a comprehensive analysis of salaries for agents, supervisors, managers and support staff. In the survey the reader will find a national summary, regional summary, comparison by job function as well as a comparison of temporary vs. permanent employees, where applicable. There are separate tables for each staff category.

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Can an agent make or break your day?

Figures show that contact centre agents have a direct influence on the customer experience. More research is currently being undertaken to find out what contact centre tools, methods and measures are available and can be deployed to assist an organisation achieve the optimal agent/ customer experience. So says Ebrahim Dinat, COO at contact centre solutions provider, Ocular Technologies.

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How to engage contact centre staff and boost their productivity too

Maintaining high levels of productivity is an ongoing issue in any working environment, especially within contact centres. So what can be done to combat this?

It’s at the top of the government’s agenda to improve the UK’s productivity and give our economy a boost. There have been speculations about how the issue will be tackled, such as creating more jobs and bettering technology.

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