CCMG Contact Centre Showcase 2015

28 May, 2015
Protea Hotel President, 4 Alexander Road, Bantry Bay, Cape Town

CCMG Showcase: Helping to revolutionise customer experience by presenting ground-breaking technology, industry best practice and top SA talents

Exploring the Contact Centre Salary Landscape

In September 2014, CallForce in collaboration with the CCMG published the second edition of the Contact Centre Salary Survey.  Join us on a journey over the next few months as we explore the data and unpack the results.

Fail better

If the single largest impediment to you achieving your goals is the fear of failure, you could learn from the mantra of Silicon Valley: ‘Fail fast. Fail better.’ Failure led to Flickr creator, Ben Stewart’s, invention of Slack; the biggest and newest startup that the Valley has to offer.

It’s what Vint Cerf, ‘Founding Father of the Internet,' calls ‘technical experience’ and what other bigwigs have dubbed ‘the foundation of innovation’. Without failure, there can be no improvement. The Contact Centre Management Group (CCMG) Industry Awards is offering you not just improvement, but excellence.

Is Your Call Center Armed to Address Customer Complaints?

Though they know them to be “always right,” few with customer management experience—or with a hint of common sense—would dispute the fact that many customers can be rude, impractical and blinded by self-interest when expressing their complaints.  It thus goes without saying that many instances of customer outrage and brand controversy are, technically, the fault of the customer—not the organization actually delivering the service.

Delivering call centre customer experience – five steps to success

How does your call centre measure up in the customer satisfaction stakes? Caroline Dunk is on hand with five pieces of advice that could make the world of difference.


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